Bethel United Methodist Church

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guys + girls 7-12th grades
Find us in the BYG House
(the brick building located to the left of the church)

BYG (Bethel Youth Group) is committed to reaching students. Our passion is to fellowship, build relationships, and help equip your student to own their relationship with God. Our hearts desire is to reach students to win life’s battles by building foundations on the Bible. Making Jesus relevant to their world is what makes BYG what it is. We are all apprentice's of Jesus.


9:00am Sunday COOL Class

Explore the bible with us and grow your knowledge of the characters of the Bible in chronological order and understanding of the Bible as a whole. 

10:00am Worship Service 

Join BYG as we join the church in the sanctuary and

worship as a whole body of Christ. 



5:00 pm supper in the fellowship hall
6:00-7:30 Bible Study

Don't miss out on studying specific books of the Bible. This quarter, we are studying the books of Daniel and Ezekiel. 

God’s people have been carted off to Babylon. They are living in exile because of their own pride and idolatry. Thankfully, however, God meets His people at their lowest point with hope of restoration and renewal. Ezekiel and Daniel are two of the strangest yet most exciting books in the Bible. Brimming with bizarre visions, wild stunts, and miraculous rescues, these books hammer home the dangers of prideful rebellion while reminding us that God never gives up on His people, no matter how low they are. And even in the most difficult times of our lives, God is at work preparing us to participate in His glorious kingdom.



5:30-6:30 supper in the Fellowship Hall
6:30-7:30 games, worship, fellowship

If someone asked who you are, what would you say? Maybe you'd say your name. Or maybe you’d say, "I'm a musician. A basketball player. A friend. A daughter or son. I'm a human!" Those things might be true, but have you ever felt like you’re still figuring out who you are, what you’re good at, or why you’re here? In this 4-week series, the stories of Jesus and John the Baptist, and the words of Paul, will help us see why discovering who Jesus is helps us discover who we’re meant to be. Not only is Jesus is distinct from anyone who has ever lived, but God made us distinct too, with distinct gifts we can use to serve God and others, and unique distinctions that are worth celebrating.

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